Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the grain puffed?

    The whole grain is heated in a pressure vessel and the vessel opens when the set pressure level is reached, the sudden drop in pressure causes the grain to puff. The puffed grain is then screened to remove any broken or unpuffed grains and then packaged.

  • I have a nut allergy. Is your product ok for me?

    All our equipment is only used for grains. We do not store, process or package nuts, seeds, egg, dairy, seafood or soy on our premises. This suits the increasing number of people who suffer from allergies and food sensitivities. For these people, our whole puffed grains offer a pure food with no added ingredients – you know exactly what you are getting.

  • Are your products gluten free?

    The gluten free claim is an absolute claim, which means gluten would never be found in our product.

    There is always a slim chance that a stray piece of wheat, barley or rye may be growing in a field of gluten-free grain. While we buy our grains from growers and suppliers who understand the importance of eliminating any cross contamination of gluten free crops and who clean their harvesting and transport equipment to minimise any risk, an unwanted seed can be blown in on a breeze and take root. This is not normally a problem for manufacturers who mill grains into flour because the unwanted grain would be dispersed into a large amount of gluten free material and would be undetectable in gluten tests. But our puffed grains are classed as a ‘particulate’. In other words, each puff is a separate particle and visible, which must be gluten free to make the claim.

    Our testing over the years has not found any traces of gluten in our product but we cannot guarantee that there will never be a gluten grain present in a 1 tonne or 20 tonne batch of the naturally gluten free grains supplied to us. Therefore we cannot make the absolute 100% guarantee that there would never be particle of gluten grain in our products.

  • Does your product contain traces of gluten?

    Our due diligence and testing has shown there are no traces of gluten in our product.

  • What organic credentials do you have?

    Good Morning Cereals has current a Certificate of Compliance from Australian Certified Organic as Processor 421P. In 2011, we were audited by Kosher Australia and all our products are certified Kosher.

  • What is HACCP certification mean?

    The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point or HACCP is an internationally recognised systematic and preventive approach to food safety. The system is used at all stages of puffed grain preparation, production, packaging and distribution.

    Scope of HACCP Analysis:
    Food Safety and Food Quality Hazards for Purchasing Raw Materials, Receival of Raw Materials, Storage of Raw Materials, Cereal Production, Packaging of Finished Product, Storage of finished packaged product, Despatch and Delivery.

    Purpose of HACCP Analysis:
    To identify all potential food safety hazards, evaluate the hazards and develop preventative and control measures to satisfy consumers’ requirements and food safety legislation.

  • What is the manufacturing lead time to process?

    We ask manufacturers for a 3-4 week lead time to process orders. However, if this is not possible or if an order is urgent, we will always do what we can to meet a deadline.