Buckwheat Puffs

Buckwheat is technically not a grain and is definitely not related to wheat and is naturally a gluten free grain. There is currently a global shortage of buckwheat grain and our supply of grain is imported from China.

125g NET

Beautiful buckwheat
Despite the name, buckwheat is nothing to do with wheat! It is actually a fruit seed that makes a great grain substitute for people looking for an alternative to wheat.

Managing an allergy
Our equipment is never used for nuts, and we process grains with gluten in a completely separate production room on dedicated equipment. Please call if you have any questions about potential allergens.

Ingredients: Organic Hulled Buckwheat (100%)

Serves per pack 8.9
Serving size 14g

Average qty
per serving
Average qty
per 100g
ENERGY 229kJ 1634kJ
PROTEIN 1.1g 8.1g
FAT, TOTAL 0.3g 2.1g
– SATURATED FAT 0.0g 0.3g
CARBOHYDRATE 11.5g 82.0g
– SUGARS 0.0g 0.3g
SODIUM Less than 5mg Less than 5mg
Storage instructions

To maintain freshness store in a sealed container. If you are not completely satisfied with this product please contact us. We value your feedback.